Magento install detects Mcrypt and curl missing


Magento is a popular eCommerce package. It’s fairly easy to get started and offers a lot of options for medium to large eCommerce websites.
While installing magento is pretty straightforward you might have some PHP modules that are missing. Magento will let you know during install which modules are missing and you will have to add them before the installation can continue.

The ones most commonly missing modules in my installs were mcrypt and curl. Although it might not be exactly clear how to fix this, it is actually pretty simple.

Open a terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo apt-get install php5-mcrypt

sudo apt-get install php5-curl

Now the modules have been installed and probably also automatically enabled. I you want to be sure and enable them yourself run the following commands:

sudo php5enmod mcrypt

sudo php5enmod curl

Now the libraries are enabled.  All that’s left is to restart apache so the added modules are active.

sudo service apache2 restart

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